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A maker is someone who creates things, what those things may be is not really important. What is important is things are made!


A collection of maker projects I have completed. These are not so much guides as documentation. However they may prove a great insperation either as whole projects to replicate or as examples of using various components and boards together.

  • AVR deck - Convienent programming for ATMEGA32 and ATTINY85 chips
  • Colour wall - Lighting up the garden using the sun and a ton of LEDs
  • Kalax mood lighting - Moodlighting + Ikea furniture, a match made in heaven
  • Neo IR - IR powered pixels, using and ATTINY85 and I2C
  • Party box - When the boss is away the office will play, literally a party in my office
  • Portable RGB lantern - A simple LED lantern using Ikea parts
  • Shed LEDs - LEDS… In a shed…

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Guides! Everyone loves guides. Most are short and sweet, I prefer guides not to ramble. Guides are broken into related sections to keep it easy to manage.


In order to play with hardware, you first need to aquire hardware. Depending on where you are in the world this will be an easy affair or require some planning and research.

§Light Emmiting Diodes

LED’s are probably the greatest electronic component known to humans. These blinky little packages come in a variaty of shapes, sizes, and types.


Microcontrollers are basically bare bones computers containing a Microprocesser, some memory, and various I/O peripherals. Some have more features, some have less.


Not so much microcontroller as a teeny tiny computer.

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