A collection of maker projects I have completed. These are not so much guides as documentation. However they may prove a great insperation either as whole projects to replicate or as examples of using various components and boards together.

§AVR deck

The beating heart of many Arduino style boards is the venerable ATMEGA32 and in some cases ATTINY85. Both of these microcontrollers are from the AVR family. What’s cool about these little chips is that they come backed with a lot of functionality in the chip alone. While these chips are fun to work with, programming them is a chore. AVR Deck is my solution to this problem.

§Colour wall

Lighting up the garden using the sun and a ton of LEDs

§Kalax mood lighting

Moodlighting + Ikea furniture, a match made in heaven

§Neo IR

IR powered pixels, using and ATTINY85 and I2C

§Party box

When the boss is away the office will play, literally a party in my office

§Portable RGB lantern

A simple LED lantern using Ikea parts

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