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§Portable RGB Lantern

RGB Lanterns are fantastic project for novices and experts alike. Having a good lantern can be a great way to learn to code better. What you see as playing around with light programs and settings is real ‘in the code’ experience which will improve your overall skillset.

My take on on this classic was to make something that could work on a really small battery and be pleasing to the eye as a piece of art.

§Hardware used

  • 01 - Small glass candle holder
  • 02 - 4x8 perma proto board
  • 15 - 8mm WS2812b through-hole LEDS (or WS2812/WS2811/SK6812)
  • 01 - Li-Ion battery (3.7v 350mah)
  • 01 - Li-Ion charging board

§Libs Used

  • Adafruit NeoPixel Lib


The circut consists of 2 4x8 panels. The top panel houses 15 8mm LEDS. The bottom panel houses an Adafruit GEMMA and a small Li-Ion battery. The average current draw across all the included programs is 100mA. The provided battery provides 350mAh which is plenty to turn it on for a few hours at a time before recharding.

§The board

Notes on the board

§The battery

Notes on the battery and related bits


Notes on the leds

§The holder

Notes on the leds

§The software

Notes on the leds

… to follow.

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